Online MBA Curriculum

You Can Wait for Opportunity. Or You Can Build Your Own.

Earning your MBA degree does more than promote your credentials. It promotes your value. The business world is constantly fluctuating, and the industry needs experts who can adapt their skills to meet the demands. By pursuing your graduate degree, you can gain a broader understanding of overall operations that mirrors the complexity of today’s business enterprise.

Rider University’s innovative online MBA program is designed to help you develop the real-world skills and experience to move into the higher realms of business. Learn the latest industry practices and regulatory developments as you prepare for leadership opportunities in your field.

Rider University Online MBA Curriculum

Rider’s online curriculum is designed to prepare you with real-world skills that translate to industry expertise. Develop your economic strategy, interpersonal communication and management expertise.

Our online courses are taught by on-campus faculty holding doctoral degrees. These professors are scholars in their fields and remain engaged in the industry.

Core Courses (30 credit hours):

PMBA 8000Executive Communications3 Credits
PMBA 8210Information Technology Management 3 Credits
PMBA 8220Strategic Accounting for Manager3 Credits
PMBA 8230Managerial Economics3 Credits
PMBA 8240Applied Corporate Finance3 Credits
PMBA 8250Operations & Supply Chain Management3 Credits
PMBA 8260Marketing Analysis & Decision Making3 Credits
PMBA 8270Advanced Organizational Behavior3 Credits
PMBA 8290Legal and Ethical Aspects of Management3 Credits
PMBA 8880Strategic Management3 Credits

Business Analytics Concentration Requirements (9 Credit Hours):

PMBA 8312Business Intelligence Tech-Data Mining3 Credits
PMBA 8317Applied Data Management for Business Users3 Credits
PMBA 8357Business Analytics for Managers 3 Credits
PMBA 8902Independent Studies in Business Administration 3 Credits

Finance Concentration Requirements (9 Credit Hours):

PMBA 8343Investment Instruments and Strategies3 Credits
PMBA 8345International Financial Management 3 Credits
PMBA 8349Personal Financial Planning3 Credits
PMBA 8902Independent Studies in Business Administration 3 Credits

Global Business Concentration Requirements (9 Credit Hours):

PMBA 8345International Financial Management 3 Credits
PMBA 8375International Management3 Credits
PMBA 8902Independent Studies in Business Administration 3 Credits
PMBA 8492Ethical Issues in International Business3 Credits

Program Prerequisites (18 Credit Hours)

  • Information Technology Proficiency
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Economic Analysis
  • Basic Financial Principles
  • Introduction to Calculus
  • Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis
  • Models & Methods of Operations Management
  • Basic Marketing Principles
  • Management Theory & Application


Considering a Career Change to the Business Field?

Rider welcomes students from all backgrounds into the online MBA program. Your enrollment advisor will help set you up for success by pacing your prerequisites and staggering them throughout your time of study. Make a smooth transition into the program — and your new career path.

Benefits of Your Online MBA Degree 

You’re ready to pursue your goals. We’re here to help you do it. At Rider, we’re committed to your growth, transformation and leadership. We connect you with rigorous academic, artistic and professional programs of study through a flexible online platform.

Prepare to thrive professionally and become a lifelong independent learner. Our people, programs and opportunities focus on preparing you for a successful career and rewarding life where you can truly make a difference. That’s the promise of a Rider education.

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The Value of Your Online Master of Business Administration

When you graduate with your online Master of Business Administration degree from Rider University, you gain the chance to prove your value as a leader. In fact, MBA graduates can earn up to a 50% higher average salary than their undergraduate counterparts*.

Your career as a business professional is the sum of your education and your experience. Now you can choose an online MBA program that can help you elevate both. Lay the groundwork for success and evolve your strategic mindset.

*According to Forbes