Online Master of Arts in Business Communication Curriculum

Business is dynamic.
Your education should be, too.

Communication is the bedrock of any successful business. The ability to articulate with clarity can help boost organizational productivity, fine-tune daily operations and build business relationships. When you learn how to communicate effectively, you can lead your team and drive the future of business.

Rider’s online Master of Arts in Business Communication (MABC) is designed for working professionals who seek advanced credentials. Learn to integrate business expertise and communication skills, and bring clarity to organizations of all sizes.

Rider University Online Master of Arts in Business Communication Curriculum

Rider’s online curriculum is designed to prepare you with real-world skills that translate to industry expertise. Develop your supervisory, leadership and administrative skills to help prepare you for advanced positions across various organizational settings.

Your online courses are taught by dedicated faculty who are scholars in their fields and remain engaged in the industry. Our professors are available for you and are committed to your academic success.

Required Courses (27 Credit Hours):

COMM 504 Strategic Business Writing 3 Credits
COMM 503 Corporate and Persuasive Discourse 3 Credits
COMM 507 Business Presentation Strategies 3 Credits
COMM 525 Visual Communication 3 Credits
COMM 531 Legal and Ethical Issues for Professional Communicators 3 Credits
COMM 545 Information Gathering and Analysis 3 Credits
COMM 552 Communication in Multicultural Workplaces 1.5 Credits
COMM 553 Communication in a Global Market 1.5 Credits
COMM 554 Effective Group Communication 1.5 Credits
COMM 555 Communication and Organizational Culture 1.5 Credits
COMM 599 Capstone in Business Communication 3 Credits

Elective Courses (6 Credit Hours):

Choose 6 credit hours of the following.

*Optional for students with undergraduate business degrees or MBA coursework.

Please note some of these courses may require prerequisites.

PMBA 8020 Fundamentals of Accounting 3 Credits
PMBA 8030 Economic Analysis 3 Credits
PMBA 8010 Information Technology Proficiency 1.5 Credits
PMBA 8040 Basic Financial Principles 1.5 Credits
PMBA 8060 Basic Marketing Principles 1.5 Credits
PMBA 8070 Management: Theory & Application 1.5 Credits
PMBA 8313 Electronic Commerce* 3 Credits
PMBA 8314 Project Management* 3 Credits
PMBA 8290 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Management* 3 Credits
PMBA 8312 Business Intelligence Tech-Data Mining 3 Credits
PMBA 8260 Marketing Analysis & Decision Making 3 Credits
PMBA 8270 Advanced Organizational Behavior 3 Credits
PMBA 8220 Strategic Accounting for Manager 3 Credits

Considering a Career Change to the Business Communication Field?

Rider welcomes students from all backgrounds into the online MABC program. Your enrollment advisor will help set you up for success by guiding you toward any necessary prerequisites. Make a smooth transition into the program — and your new career path.

Benefits of Your Online MABC Degree

You’re ready to pursue your goals. We’re here to help you do it. At Rider, we’re committed to your growth, transformation and leadership. We connect you with rigorous academic, artistic and professional programs of study through a flexible online platform.

Prepare to thrive professionally and become a lifelong independent learner. Our people, programs and opportunities focus on helping you build a successful career and rewarding life where you can truly make a difference. That’s the promise of a Rider education.

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The Value of Your Online Master of Arts in Business Communication

When you graduate with your Master of Arts in Business Communication degree from Rider University, you gain the chance to prove your value as a leader. Graduates of a master’s program can also earn a 24% higher average annual salary than their undergraduate counterparts*, making the MABC degree a valuable tool for increasing your earning potential.

Corporate leaders agree that communication is the top-ranked skill for success in all areas of business enterprise. Now you can learn the skills to help you develop practical insights into the operational context of communication and gain hands-on experience in its implementation. When you learn to leverage your strengths in written and visual communication, you can transform goals into action.

*According to a Georgetown University Study