Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Curriculum

Expand your mind — and your options.

Moving your education forward is a great step toward exciting new career opportunities. A college degree can help you stand out for positions that not only challenge but also fulfill you.

Rider’s online bachelor’s degree in psychology is designed to give you the flexibility to achieve your goals around your schedule. The variety of courses can help you enhance your critical thinking and communication skills to help find practical solutions to real-world problems.

Rider University’s Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Online Curriculum

Rider’s online curriculum was created to make sure you have the skills and experience to succeed in the field. Our online psychology courses cover a wide range of areas, including research methodology, cyberpsychology, psychopathology, child development and much more. You can also personalize your degree with up to 36 elective credits that may be taken in any department within the university.

Your online psychology courses are taught by a group of professors with highly diverse backgrounds in the industry. Their real-world knowledge across a variety of disciplines can help prepare you for the kind of challenges you may face in your new career. They’re also available and willing to help you achieve success throughout the program — and beyond.

Course Requirements

Rider University’s Bachelor of Arts in Psychology online program requires earning 121 credit hours. You can complete the entire curriculum online in fewer than two years with transfer credits.

Basic Core (12 Credit Hours):

CMP 120 Expository Writing 3 Credits
CMP 125 Research Writing 3 Credits
COM 104 Speech Communication 3 Credits
CIS 185 Information Technology 3 Credits

Psychology Core (13 Credit Hours):

PSY 100 Introduction To Psychology 3 Credits
PSY 105 Introduction to Research in Psychology 3 Credits
PSY 201 Statistics and Research Design 3 Credits
PSY 329 Research Methods in Psychology 4 Credits
PSY 329L Research Methods in Psychology Lab

Psychology Lower Level (12 Credit Hours):

Choose 4 of the following:

PSY 210 Organizational Psychology 3 Credits
PSY 215 Personality 3 Credits
PSY 220 Abnormal Psychology 3 Credits
PSY 230 Child Development 3 Credits
PSY 231 Youth and Adolescent Development 3 Credits
PSY 240 Social Psychology 3 Credits
PSY 279 Psychology and the Law 3 Credits
PSY 283 Sports Psychology 3 Credits

Psychology Upper Level  (12 Credit Hours):

Choose 4 of the following:

PSY 325 Cognitive Development 3 Credits
PSY 365 Drugs and Human Behavior 3 Credits
PSY 373 Cyberpsychology 3 Credits
PSY 377 Developmental Psychopathology 3 Credits
PSY 383 Psychology and Culture 3 Credits
PSY 384 Positive Psychology 3 Credits
PSY 385 Death, Dying, and Suicide 3 Credits

Free Electives (33-36 Credit Hours)

Elective credit hours may be taken in any department within the university.

6 Credits

Capstone Course (3-4 Credit Hours)

Choose one option:

PSY 400 Senior Seminar 3 Credits
PSY 490 Independent Study: Research & Creative Expression 3 Credits
PSY 491 Internship In Psychology 3 Credits

Areas of Knowledge (33-35 Credit Hours)

Full course listings below.

Historical Perspective - choose 3 courses: 9 Credits
Artistic and Intellectual Perspective - choose 3 courses: 9 Credits
Contemporary Perspective - choose 3 courses: 9 Credits
Natural World Perspective - choose 2 courses:

Benefits of Your Bachelor’s in Psychology Online Degree 

You’re ready to pursue your passion — to take your next step toward changing lives. Rider is here to help you do just that. We support and prepare you with robust courses and professional programs that challenge you to expand your thinking through an online platform that works around your life.

We want you to succeed — both professionally and personally. Our focus is on helping you achieve your goals and thrive in a career that you’re passionate about, and where you can make a difference. That’s the promise of a Rider education.

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