Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Organizational Psychology

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Understand the important contributions that organizational psychology plays in today’s workplace with Rider’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Organizational Psychology. This unique interdisciplinary degree is one of just a handful in the nation that combines business and psychology in one program. Because it includes a strong business core of coursework, our BSBA in Organizational Psychology is an excellent path for students interested in human resources, corporate structure and business administration.

Rider University is recognized as a 2020-2021 College of Distinction.

Rider University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).

Why choose Rider for your online BSBA in Organizational Psychology?

Choosing the degree that works for you is important. So is choosing the right school for that degree. Rider prides itself on keeping class sizes small to allow for more individual attention and support. Most classes are taught by full-time instructors with workplace expertise and diverse backgrounds. And because they’re 100% online, they are built to work around your schedule.

Earning your online organizational psychology degree with the BSBA track can prepare you for jobs in a wide variety of industries. You’ll also be laying the foundation to continue your education in a graduate MBA program.

What Does Rider’s Online BSBA in Organizational Psychology Cover?

Our online degree in organizational psychology curriculum features a business core that includes accounting, economics, management, marketing, finance, the legal and ethical environment of business, strategic management, analytics and technology. The program focuses on the behavioral aspects of managing and supervising the human resources of an organization or business.

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of human behavior in work settings
  • Obtain the skills for improving employee satisfaction and job performance
  • Benefit from networking and gain real-world experience through internships and other professional opportunities

A host of career options 

Your BSBA can prepare you for a variety of careers in organizational psychology. After all, most businesses are looking for professionals who can help hire better employees, increase productivity, reduce turnover and lower labor costs.

The career outlook for those with this degree continues to be strong. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the demand for Human Resources Managers alone to grow 7% from 2018-2028 – that’s faster than the national average.

Your BSBA in Organizational Psychology can help you qualify for the following roles and median annual salaries*

Employee Relations Specialist


Projected job growth: 7.1%

Human Resources Manager


Projected job growth: 7%

Training and Development Specialist


Projected job growth: 9%

*According to Burning Glass Technologies and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Admission requirements

We want everyone to have the chance to pursue their goals. That’s why we do our best to make our online BSBA in Organizational Psychology degree as accessible as possible.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.*
  • A completed application with a non-refundable $50 application fee.
  • Official transcripts from all other colleges and universities attended. Transfer students with fewer than 30 college credits must also submit an official high school transcript or copy of GED certificate.

*Prospective students who do not meet this requirement can speak with an enrollment advisor regarding alternate paths for admission.

Why earn your online BSBA in Organizational Psychology?

Understanding the science behind the human mind can certainly be a benefit to an organization. But when you combine it with an in-depth understanding of business principles, you have the potential to become an even greater asset to a wider range of businesses.

Rider’s online BSBA degree in organizational psychology can help you develop the skills and experience to thrive as an integral part of a business. The curriculum, platform and schedule are all designed to give you the flexibility to make pursuing your future in this field attainable.

Choose a start time that works for you

Your degree has to work around your life. We help make that happen by ensuring our classes are 100% online, as well as allowing you to choose from multiple start times throughout the year.

  • Spring A – February 1
  • Spring B – March 22
  • Summer A – May 18
  • Summer B – July 6
  • Fall A – September 8
  • Fall B – October 27

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Organizational Psychology Curriculum

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Organizational Psychology (121 Credit Hours)

Of the 121 total credits, 36 credits must be from upper level courses, either within the major or any electives.

Business Core (27 Credit Hours):

ACC 210 Introduction to Accounting 3 Credits
ACC 220 Managerial Uses of Accounting 3 Credits
ECO 200 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 Credits
ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics 3 Credits
MGT 201 Fundamentals of Management & Organizational Behavior 3 Credits
MKT 200 Marketing Principles 3 Credits
FIN 220 Introduction to Finance 3 Credits
BUS 300 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business 3 Credits
BUS 400 Strategic Management and Policy 3 Credits

Numerical Literacy (9 Credit Hours):

MSD 105 Quantitative Methods for Business 3 Credits
MSD 205 Business Statistics 3 Credits
BDA 201 Introduction to Business Analytics 3 Credits

Communications (9 Credit Hours):

CMP 120 Expository Writing 3 Credits
CMP 125 Research Writing 3 Credits
COM 290 Professional/Strategic Speech 3 Credits

Major Requirements (19 Credit Hours):

PSY 100 Introduction To Psychology 3 Credits
PSY 105 Introduction to Research in Psychology 3 Credits
PSY 240 Social Psychology 3 Credits
MGT 310 Introduction to Human Resource Management 3 Credits
MGT 355 Team Management 3 Credits
PSY 329L or
MGT 329L
Research Methods in Organizational Psychology Lab

Employee Management Choice (6 Credit Hours):

Choose two of the following:
*Cannot take both MGT 490 and PSY 490

HRM 315 Employee Selection & Training 3 Credits
HRM 316 Employee Compensation Systems 3 Credits
HRM 333 Employee Engagement 3 Credits
MGT 320 Managing Workforce Diversity 3 Credits
MGT 490 Independent Research and Study 3 Credits

Psychology Choice (6 Credit Hours):

Choose two of the following:
*Cannot take both MGT 490 and PSY 490

PSY 215 Personality 3 Credits
PSY 225 Learning and Memory 3 Credits
PSY 315 Psychological Tests 3 Credits
PSY 400 Senior Seminar 3 Credits
PSY 490 Independent Study: Research & Creative Expression 3 Credits

Business Analytics and Technology (9 Credit Hours):

CIS 185 Information Systems Essentials 3 Credits
CIS 385 Management Information Systems 3 Credits
MSD 301 Operations Management 3 Credits

Professional Development (3 Credit Hours):

CBA 336 Career Planning 3 Credits

Humanities, Social Science and Natural World Electives (9-10 Credit Hours):

Choose 3 courses from the Humanities, Social Science and Natural World Electives list below.
Humanities Electives: Choose any course from prefixes: ART, CHI, DAN, ENG, FRE, GER, LIT, MUS, PHL, SPA, THE
Social Science Electives: Choose any course from prefixes: AMS, COM, GSS, HIS, LAW, MCS, POL, PSY, SOC, SOW
Natural World Electives: Choose any course from prefixes: BNS, BCH, BIO, CHE, ENV, GEO, ISM, MAR, PHY, SUS


Free Electives (17-18 Credit Hours):

Free elective credit hours may be taken in any department within the university.


Liberal Arts Electives (6 Credit Hours):

Choose two courses from the Liberal Arts Electives list.

The next step toward your future career is waiting for you, and we can help. Rider is ready and willing to help you prepare to thrive –– in the workplace and in your life.