Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Studies Curriculum

Advance your education and ability to elevate your role in allied health care.

Health services aren’t just about treating conditions. They’re also about encouraging people to live healthier lives through maintenance, prevention and the adoption of better habits. By developing your career as an allied health professional, you can help focus on the core competencies to help you advance in the evolving health care sector.

Rider’s online Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Studies program is designed for working professionals who seek stronger credentials. You can refine building in-demand skills, prepare for future changes in practice and pursue advanced opportunities in your field while learning on a flexible schedule.

Rider University Online Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Services Curriculum

The curriculum in Rider’s Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Studies is designed to support those wanting to move into leadership roles in the health care system. The program provides the opportunity to tailor your studies with a diverse selection of elective courses. Develop a well-rounded skill set as you explore the pharmaceutical industry, behavioral neuroscience, population health care management, aging and the elderly, abnormal psychology and other specialized topics.

Your online allied health courses are taught by a distinguished faculty and industry practitioners who can bring a practical and multidisciplinary approach to your studies. Our professors are available for you and are committed to your academic success.

* The BSAHS does not require residency or separate clinicals.

Allied Health Core (3 Credit Hours):

NUR 404 Healthcare Policy, Finance, and Regulatory Environments 3 Credits

Category 1 Courses (6 Credit Hours)

BIO 206 The Pharmaceutical Industry 3 Credits
HTH 336/ECO 336 Economics of Health Care Systems 3 Credits

Category 2 Courses (21 Credit Hours)

Students choose 7 courses from the following disciplines:

BIO 100A Life Science: Human Emphasis 3 Credits
BIO 100B Life Science: Genetics Emphasis 3 Credits
BIO 100C Life Science: Human Disease 3 Credits
BIO 100D Life Science: Biology of Human Aging 3 Credits
BIO 206 The Pharmaceutical Industry 3 Credits
BNS 107 Life Science: Brain and Behavior 3 Credits
CHE 115 Chemistry and Contemporary Society 3 Credits
PSY 110 Psychology: The Science of Well-being 3 Credits
PSY 131 The Science of Mental Illness 3 Credits
PSY 220 Abnormal Psychology 3 Credits
PSY 283 Sports Psychology 3 Credits
PSY 345 Health Psychology 3 Credits
PSY 365 Drugs and Human Behavior 3 Credits
PSY 382 Aging, Brain, and Cognition 3 Credits
PSY 385 Death, Dying, and Suicide 3 Credits

Areas of Knowledge (33-35 Credit Hours)

Historical Perspective - choose 3 courses: 9 Credits
Artistic and Intellectual Perspective - choose 3 courses: 9 Credits
Contemporary Perspective - choose 3 courses: 9 Credits
Natural World Perspective - choose 2 courses:

Elective Courses (40-42 Credit Hours)

Basic Core (9-15 Credit Hours)

CMP 120 Expository Writing 3 Credits
CMP 125 Research Writing 3 Credits
COM 104 Speech Communication 3 Credits
CIS 185 Information Technology 3 Credits

Considering a Career Change to Allied Health?

Rider welcomes students from all backgrounds into the online bachelor’s in allied health studies program. Your enrollment advisor can help set you up for success by guiding you through the process. Make a smooth transition into the program — and your new career path.

Benefits of Your Online BSAHS Degree

You’re ready to pursue your goals. We’re here to help you do it. At Rider, we’re committed to your growth, transformation and leadership. We connect you with rigorous academic, artistic and professional programs of study through a flexible online platform.

Prepare to thrive professionally and become a lifelong independent learner. Our people, programs and opportunities focus on helping you build a successful career and rewarding life where you can truly make a difference. That’s the promise of a Rider education.

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The Value of Your Online Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Studies

When you graduate with your online Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Studies degree from Rider University, you earn the chance to prove your value as a professional dedicated to promoting quality health services. By choosing to further develop your skills in the field, you can help support the growing need for health care leaders while preparing for higher-level roles, new responsibilities and increased pay.