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Coordinator of the Online Master of Accountancy program, Dr. Maria Sanchez, and our enrollment advisor, Noel Sepulveda, discuss the online MAcc program offered at Rider. In this short webinar, they go over the program overview, career outcomes, admission requirements and more.


Noel Sepulveda:               Good afternoon. My name is Noel and I’m an enrollment advisor with Rider University. I would like to welcome you to our online Master of Accountancy webinar featuring our special guest, Dr. Maria H. Sanchez, who’s currently the coordinator of online master’s of accounting program. So, I wanted to take this opportunity first off to introduce you to your enrollment team. From left to right, Miss Sarah Falter, Mr. Yssac Bello, Mr. Noel Sepulveda, myself, Mrs. Monica Lam, and Miss Valeria Bernard, and our very special guest, Dr. Sanchez. Thank you for taking the time out to talk to us today about Rider University and our online Master of Accountancy program. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself today, Dr. Sanchez?

Maria Sanchez:                 Thanks, Noel. I’d be happy to. I’ve been at Rider since 2002, and I’m a CPA, MBA, and PhD. I have prior work experience as an auditor for Ernst and Young, and I use that experience because I teach in the undergrad in person auditing course, and I also teach the online master’s of accountancy auditing course. I also teach fraud detection and deterrence at the grad level online. I publish quite a bit in professional and academic journals, and I really like to stay current with the profession. This is the kind of profession that’s changing all the time so to stay current, I’m an active member of the American Accounting Association, the Philadelphia Electronic Crimes Task Force, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and AICPA.

Maria Sanchez:                 I’d like to tell you just a little bit about Rider University. Rider’s been around since 1865 and it was established to train leaders in the post-Civil War economy. We have a very favorable student to faculty ratio. It’s just 12 to one so what this means is small class sizes, and this lets students get to know your professors so it allows for a lot of interaction in the classrooms in the online classrooms. Almost all of our full time faculty hold a doctorate or the highest degree in our field, and Rider University has dual AACSB accreditation, so that means we have accreditation in both business, and then separately in accounting. And, we’re especially proud of this because only 2% of schools worldwide have this dual accreditation.

Maria Sanchez:                 A little bit about our program. The overview of the online master’s of accounting. The program can be done 100% online, so this means you never need to come to campus unless of course you want to. With the asynchronous online classes, it means that you can set your own schedule for when you want to do your coursework. So, there will be set due dates, but you’ll know those in advance. So, just as an example, you may know, okay, this week I have the discussion board posts due Thursday night at nine o’clock, and then Saturday I have to submit a written assignment by 11:00 PM, but you’re going to know that ahead of time so you can log into the course whenever it’s convenient for you. You can log in in the mornings, you can log in during your lunch break, or you can log in at night after you’ve put your kids to bed. You go into that class on your own schedule and do the work when you can do it. So, it makes it very flexible and convenient.

Maria Sanchez:                 The way we have the program structured is that you would take two seven week courses each semester and those are back to back. So, you’ll take one seven week course, and then when that one’s completed, you start the next seven week course. With this online master’s of accounting program, when you’re finished, you qualify to sit for the CPA exam. And many of our grads do that. Another credential that many of our grads go on to take is the CMA exam, which is a certified management accountant exam. And in fact, Rider was just featured in Strategic Finance magazine as having one of the top pass rates for the CMA exam in the northeast. So, we’re very proud of that.

Maria Sanchez:                 The whole program is just 30 credits and can be completed in under two years. So with that, let’s take a look at what the those credits are. On this slide you’ll see in the gray box, you’ll see the prerequisites, but some or all of those may waved with previous coursework and/or professional experience. So, let’s look at the required core courses. There’s 21 credits of requirements. Those include things like your tax class, Analysis of Accounting Data, Issues in Financial Reporting. There’s the Auditing course which I teach, and with that we look at professional literature and we look at real world accounting cases and we see what’s going on in the profession today. Then you also have a Managerial Accounting course, a data mining class, and a Professional Research and Communications course.

Maria Sanchez:                 So, those are the required courses and then you get to choose one out of three concentrations. So, you can choose a concentration in either Business Analytics, Finance, or Forensic Accounting. Let’s look a little bit in more detail at what those concentrations entail. So again, you get to choose which of those three concentrations you would like to take. With Business Analytics, you’ll have already taken the data mining course as part of the core. Then you will have two more analytics courses and the Business Law course, or if you choose the Finance concentration, you’ll take a course in International Financial Management, Personal Financial Planning, and then an investments course. And, if you choose the concentration in Forensic Accounting, you’ll take the Auditing course as part of the core. And then, you will also take a Fraud and Forensic Accounting course, a Fraud Detection and Deterrence course, and the Business Law course. So, you get to pick which of those three concentrations you would like to choose.

Maria Sanchez:                 There’s a really strong career outlook for master’s of accounting graduates. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 10% job growth rate for accountants and auditors from 2016 to 2026. There’s so many industries hiring master’s of accountancy grads and these include industries such as finance and insurance, professional and technical services, manufacturing, healthcare, information, retail trade, real estate, and public administration. Rider accounting grads tend to place very well and there’s lots of industries that you could go into. So, with that said, now I’ll pass it back over to Noel who’s going to talk about why you should choose Rider for your online master’s of accounting program.

Noel Sepulveda:               Thank you, Dr. Sanchez. Well, Rider University, one of the great features of this particular program is that it’s 100% online coursework, like Dr. Sanchez mentioned earlier. It’s asynchronous, and what that means for you is that, day or night, you can log in to complete your coursework. Of course, there will be set due dates for the assignments that would be set by your professor. There’s a lot of flexibility on completing the course assignments and activities. You’ll have one on one access to your faculty and a dedicated graduate academic counselor, and financial aid and credit transfer options are available. Financial aid is available to those that apply and qualify for it, and we will have six start dates throughout the year when you’re ready to start.

Noel Sepulveda:               So, I often get the question, what’s in it for you? Well, you would be assigned a personal student services coach who’s going to remain your friendly and familiar voice, who’s going to speak with you, will know your goals, and help you accomplish it. You’re going to gain more than just the required hours to sit for the CPA exam. You’re going to gain the knowledge, you’re going to develop your technical competencies, and prepare for the CPA. Preparing for success as a career changer. Your student services coach well help you prepare by pacing your prerequisites and staggering them throughout the time that you study making a smooth transition to the program and your new career.

Noel Sepulveda:               So, the admissions requirements for Rider University. To gain admission to the program, you need a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in any career field, official transcripts from the university and college, and it is possible to get potential transfer credit up to six graduate business credits and that will be evaluated by the director. And, you’re going to have to provide a current resume, and GMAT and GRE waivers are available to qualifying students. You may have some accounting and business prerequisite courses, but these courses are bridge courses and are included within the master of accountancy program.

Noel Sepulveda:               The tuition and financial aid. Tuition for this program is $950 per credit hour for both in state and out of state students. There is a technology fee, $50 per course, and a distance learning fee, which is $35 per course. The core program is 30 credits if you do not have to take the prerequisites, and like I said previously, financial aid is available to those that apply and qualify for it. We also accept employer tuition reimbursement and military tuition assistance and any other VA benefits you may be entitled to. And, monthly payment plan options are available for students that are doing self-pay.

Noel Sepulveda:               Now, at this time, I want to send it back over to Dr. Sanchez and she’s going to answer some questions that are frequently asked by our students. So Dr. Sanchez, can the course in this program be applied towards the 150 credit hours needed for the certification, and do the courses prepare me to sit for the CPA exam?

Maria Sanchez:                 Yes, they can absolutely be applied towards the 150 hours. And, when you’ve completed the program, you are eligible to sit and take the CPA exam with those 150 hours. And, as far as the question as to whether the courses prepare you to sit for the exam, most of the courses do have content that will be tested on the CPA exam, but there’s a few courses that are really more geared towards ensuring long-term career success and they cover some of the skills that the AICPA list as necessary for the profession, even though they might not be directly tested on the CPA exam.

Noel Sepulveda:               Excellent. Can the prerequisite courses be waived if I have extensive professional experience in the field?

Maria Sanchez:                 That’s something that we would look at on a case by case basis.

Noel Sepulveda:               Okay. Excellent. And, what type of professional backgrounds do your students have that enroll in this program, Dr. Sanchez?

Maria Sanchez:                 There’s a variety really. Some students have a business degree in another area and would like to move into accounting, but need or want the credential. And then, some are career changers, and then some students want to prepare for the CPA exam and earn a graduate degree at the same time.

Noel Sepulveda:               Oh, excellent. Does the faculty teach the online classes as the campus classes?

Maria Sanchez:                 Absolutely. It’s the same faculty. So, just using myself as an example, I teach in the regular online in-person classes and I also teach in the online program.

Noel Sepulveda:               Okay. And, are online students able to attend their graduation ceremony?

Maria Sanchez:                 Absolutely. You’re more than welcome to attend the graduation ceremony, but it’s not required.

Noel Sepulveda:               Excellent. Thank you for all the great information. I want to thank you again, Dr. Sanchez for all the help with this presentation and taking the time out of your schedule to share the information about the Master of Accountancy program. To the guests listening to this webinar, I want to let you know we’re currently accepting applications for our upcoming semester, so please contact us today at 866-310-2840. Or, feel free to email us at, or schedule an appointment on our live vcita calendar page. Thank you for your participation. Have a great day.