About Rider University

A 150-Year Legacy Doesn’t Happen by Accident

Rider has always had a remarkable ability to adapt. Yet it is not our history alone that defines us, but our future — the ability to rethink our vision in fundamental ways, and come together to grow our students and institution as never before.

We reimagine education as a vibrant, holistic experience, empowering in ways that translate your goals into your career. By pursuing your degree with Rider University, you can rely on our carefully crafted, actionable and measurable framework that defines our path forward. With an openness to discovery, a drive to improve, big-picture thinking and passion for what we do, we’ll build a Rider community that will thrive for another 150 years.

The History of Rider University

From its beginnings as a private business college nearly a century and a half ago, Rider University has consistently thrived as a home for students seeking a timely, relevant and thorough curriculum and an environment to satisfy their intellectual curiosity.

1865:  Founded as Trenton Business College, the institution was established to train leaders in the booming, industrialized post-Civil War economy.

1866:  The first women were admitted; the first evening class occurred.

1881:  Andrew Jackson Rider becomes sole owner of the Trenton Business College.

1927:  Rider College granted permission to confer graduate degrees.
The New Jersey State Board of Education granted permission for Rider to confer graduate degrees in Master of Accounts and Master of Commercial Science.

1959:  First graduate program leading to the Master of Arts degree.
The School of Education begins Rider’s first graduate program leading to the Master of Arts.

1962:  College reorganization.
The College is reorganized into five schools by adding two new disciplines –– Graduate School and Liberal Arts and Science –– to the three existing schools, Business, Education and Evening.

1968:  Master of Business Administration program inaugurated.
The School of Business Administration inaugurates graduate study, leading to the Master of Business Administration degree.

1993:  School of Business receives national accreditation. 
In April 1993, the proud academic reputation of the School of Business was validated when it received accreditation from the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (now the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) (AACSB).

1994:  Rider officially granted university status. 
Rider College officially assumed university status on April 13, 1994.

2000:  AACSB grants specialized accreditation to accounting.
AACSB grants specialized accreditation to the accounting program in the School of Business Administration.

Growing from Our Past. Adapting for Our Future.

Today, Rider continues to engage students and encourage them to thrive professionally and personally. When you enroll as an online student with Rider, you can rely on us to help you develop the tools to advance. By pursuing your online degree, you can gain access to dedicated faculty, explore a flexible online learning platform and nurture your future around your schedule.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to reach students across the globe with continually innovative technology. Our people, programs and opportunities focus on preparing you for a successful career and a rewarding life where you can truly make a difference. That’s the promise of a Rider education.


Rider University will advance our mission to be a premier, forward-looking university known for its engaged learning. We will continually encourage a growth mindset through our holistic approach to education that fosters a vision of leadership. Together with dynamic online programs and a vibrant learning community that challenges you and electrifies your imagination, you can build a fulfilling professional and personal life.